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1.  The 10 minute tidy.  Company’s coming and you’ve only got 10 minutes?  Grab a laundry basket and run through all of the main rooms picking up toys, laundry, and out of place items.  Tuck the laundry basket in your closet.  Promise me you’ll actually put things where they go by tomorrow.  Refold or replace bathroom towels and wipe down counters.  Spray something fresh but not too heavy like a diy essential oil spray or a linen spray from the Good Home Company.

2.  Aromatherapy.   Using the spray from above, mist shower curtains so the humidity releases a pleasant scent during showers.  Or, put 10 – 15 drops of peppermint essential oil on a cotton ball (or wadded up toilet paper square) and suck it up with your vacuum.  The scent will be released while you work.

3. Razor Blade Scrapers.  Pick one up at your local home improvement store and keep it handy at all times.  It’s one of the greenest cleaners there is because it’s mechanical, not chemical.  Use it to scrape burnt on food off of the stove.  If you’ve let the soap scum build up way too long on the tile in the shower, scrape it off.  It’s easier than scrubbing.  Use a plastic scraper for spots on floors.  Sometimes you can remove hard water deposits from glass doors with a scraper.

4. The olive oil trick.  Olive oil is great for buffing stainless steel fridge doors and moisturizing dry wood.


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