Stop the Pull Ups Madness!   5 comments

Pull ups

Pure Evil

Diaper manufacturers have done a great job of convincing consumers to keep their children in diapers longer, sometimes much longer.  Diaper manufacturers have no interest in potty training your child, only selling more diapers.  Not only is this a headache for you, but it adds tons of waste to our already overburdened landfills.  See What’s Filling your landfill?

A Pull-up (or similar) is simply a diaper with elastic.  When using Pull-ups you aren’t teaching the child to use the potty, you must teach a child to *stop* using a diaper, something a child has done since birth.  Guess what?  That’s crazy hard.  I assume parents buy Pull-ups with the intention of avoiding the occasional mess, but ultimately add what may be years to the potty training process.

The debate rages on regarding disposable vs. cloth diapering.  Disposables are clogging our landfills but cloth diapers do consume quite a bit more water and energy than disposables.  While there is such a thing as compostable diapers, they aren’t readily accessible and will still take a toll on the environment.  Let us not forget the greenest option: potty training.

training pants

Not very evil.

I’m not suggesting the “elimination communication” technique, where you learn to read your baby’s subtle cues and then rush to put the child on the potty before he’s even able to walk there himself.  I’m simply urging you to avoid purchasing Pull-ups which actually extend the age at which your child is “trained”.  Remember, before Pull-ups, preschoolers didn’t come to class with diapers on.

When your child is ready, usually around the age of two, simply stop buying diapers (and Pull-ups!)  Explain what is

Once upon a potty

Almost no evil.

happening.  Watch a video or read a book or two about using the big kid potty.  (There are many helpful books and websites on this topic.) Then put on the underwear and get on with life.  Yes, there will be a couple of accidents.  But, accidents are unpleasant.  They are supposed to be.  They cause an activity to be stopped to change.  They feel gross.  The child will quickly become aware of how to avoid such unpleasantness.  And, yes, if the weather permits, a few days naked on the bottom half is strongly recommended.

Voila!  You saved money, saved the environment, saved your sanity.  Wasn’t that easy?  Ok, maybe it isn’t easy.  But at least now it’s over!


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5 responses to “Stop the Pull Ups Madness!

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  1. I agree. Pull-ups are madness. Once they hit the market and took off they pretty much killed the market for cotton training pants. You used to be able to find them in every baby department in any store that had one– in multiple colors, sizes and for cheap. Now you are lucky to find Gerber 2T in pink, blue, or white.

  2. Great article! Green Bambino offers several different potty training options, and tips and tricks to help along the journey (our son is still on that journey 🙂 ). Thanks for pointing out what disposable diaper/pull-up companies are really doing: Taking money out of families’ pockets.

  3. Prudence is delighted to illustrate your wise post! Thanks!

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