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You don't need this!

Are you mindlessly buying junk you don’t need because of clever marketing?  A cheat sheet of some of the worst offenders:

1.  Swiffer products- Dusting hasn’t improved at all, but the marketing geniuses behind Swiffer are able to sell an expensive, disposable, unneeded product over and over and over and over again.  You can dust with almost anything that’s soft.

2.  Artifical Fragrances like Glade-  They’re toxic and they give a lot of people headaches.  If your house smells bad, it’s probably just dirty.  Try getting the carpets cleaned, cooking with less grease, and smoking outside.  Put a box of baking soda near problem spots like the litter box.  And keep a natural essential oil spray or a box of matches in the bathroom.  Those waxy cone things and plug-ins that you think make the bathroom smell nice actually make it smell like a public toilet.

3.  Pull-ups- See Stop the Pull-ups Madness!

4. Clorox Green Works– This bleach company just wants your money and they don’t give a flip about the environment.  If you want to go green, use a product line that started that way like Seventh Generation.  They actually care about your health and the health of the planet.  If you just want cheap, try baking soda and vinegar or lemon juice.  These three will clean almost anything for pennies.

5. Veggie washes- They’re about as effective as water.  Pesticides soak into the fruit or vegetable and can’t be completely washed off, so buy organic when possible.

6. More cleaning products- Your house isn’t dusty because you haven’t purchased the right cleaner.  Your house is dusty because you haven’t dusted it.  The only thing you could purchase that would help with that is a maid service, and you can’t get that at the store.

7.  A Juicer- You get the sugars without the fiber.  Buy a blender instead.

Single Serving Bananas


8.  Bottled water- Yes, it’s better for you than sodas, but nowhere near as good for the planet as a reusable water bottle.  We like Kleen Kanteens for their big mouth and dishwasher-safeness.

9.  Organic junk food- It’s okay once in a while, as long as you know it’s still junk food.  Organic potato chips and poptarts may be better than conventional, but still far from healthy.

10.  Single serving bananas–  This banana wrapped in plastic is such an environmental atrocity we don’t expect it to be around long.  But, avoid overly packaged products of any kind when you can.

Plus, a bonus!

11.  Air purifiers-  Buy a houseplant instead.


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