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Clearing the Clutter Part 2 – Craigslist   Leave a comment

Posting your unwanted junk on Craigslist couldn’t be easier.  Go to and click Post.  Choose an appropriate category. Upload pictures.  Say something.  It’s free.

Ok, the saying something seems to be the hard part.  Allow me to make some suggestions:

1.  If the item is large and worthless, like your couch you picked up by a dumpster for your first apartment, post it in the “free” category.  You’d be surprised what people will take, and large items are a pain to dispose of.  If it is something  small and trivial, you are better off bagging it and taking it to the Salvation Army.  Who wants to deal with phone calls/emails/appointments/questions for every little free thing?  Plus, donations to the Salvation Army are tax deductible.

2.  Give your post a specific title.  “3 Pairs women’s size 4 Gap Jeans” instead of “Cleaning the Closet!”  No one searches for “cleaning the closet”, but they do search for size 4 gap jeans.  Even though Craigslist will search the entire post, you have to make people want to click your ad.  “Help!  I Need Money!” does not inspire me to click.  Do you have something I want?  Let me know.  “Must go tonight!” is an awful title.  Are you trying to bully people into taking something they don’t want?  Sell them on what you have instead.

3.  Don’t try to list too many things in one ad.  Kittens, antique jewelry, and several appliances don’t belong together.  Make separate posts.

4.  People expect garage sale prices on most items.  Don’t charge too much.  You do want to get rid of it, don’t you?  Even if the item is new, people do not want to drive across town, purchase something from a stranger with no receipt or warranty  just to save 5 bucks.  Also, they wonder why you didn’t just return it.  It just sounds scammy.

5.  A brief description of why you are getting rid of it is appropriate.  A long or overly dramatic description is NOT appropriate and is quite the turn off for buyers.

“Works, but we upgraded to stainless after the remodel,” conveys the right message.  “Works, but my trampy ex-wife got everything in the divorce and I’ll be damned if she gets this, too!” is not really appropriate and will yield a poorer response.

6.  “Look at this!” is not an appropriate title.  See #2.

7.  If you are posting something valuable (over $100) you may want to meet in a public place.  Can’t be too careful.

8.  Phone numbers get better responses than the anonymous email Craigslist provides you with.  Let people know if they should call or text.  I don’t see any advantage to providing your real email address in the ad.

Do you have Craigslist questions?  Let me know!  Just leave a comment.



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Clearing the Clutter – Part 1   Leave a comment

Do you pore over Pottery Barn catalogs and Natural Home magazine, wishing your house looked like that?  Do you wish you had a few extra thousand dollars to make your home “magazine” perfect?

Here’s a secret furniture catalogs won’t tell you:  Their rooms look great because they are clean and uncluttered.  The lighting is fantastic, too, but that’s another post.

Aside from a weekly cleaning, the best thing you can do for your space is to keep it uncluttered.  Here’s how:

1. A place for everything and everything in its place.  It’s a cliche for a reason.  You may need to get creative.  Should you buy shelving, cabinets, or other storage furniture?  Do you have a unused corner space to install storage?  Keep things out of sight.

2. Get rid of stuff, and don’t buy so much stuff.  I need to find a way to make that a cliche.  If it isn’t beautiful, useful, or sentimental, GET RID OF IT!

Trash is trash.  Recycle what you can and toss the rest.  If an item is even remotely still useful or has parts that may be useful, donate it to the Salvation Army.

Even clothing with holes or stains that can’t be sold will be bailed and sold by the pound.  The person I spoke with wasn’t sure if the clothing was then recycled or sent to third world countries, but either way, it’s not going in the landfill.  The same goes for electronics.  If they can’t be sold, they are bundled and sold in bulk to companies (who surely aren’t paying for them to toss them. )

Freecycle and Craigslist.  Do you have a hideous couch?  A swingset the kids have outgrown?  List it free on Craigslist.  You’d be surprised at what some people will take.  Later this week we’ll talk about listing on Craigslist in more detail, and how to actually make money doing it.

Clutter questions?  Leave a comment and I will answer it personally.


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